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My blog mentioned in Open Silicium magazine

January 29th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Open Silicium is a new french magazine about open source and embedded system/hardware. It is published by the editor of Linux Magazine France. It is an interesting reading with eclectic articles that does not hesitate to dig into the hardware side.

But I think some of the articles may be difficult to grasp without a background in computer/electrical engineering. It reminds me of the magazines I was reading 15 years ago trying and often failing to make sense of articles about Turbo Pascal programming, entering program from paper to the computer. When the program worked you didn’t know why, and when it didn’t work you didn’t know why either!

What I was missing was good fundamentals on software and computer engineering. But at that time, the magazines where the only source of information I had, with local libraries very poorly filled with computer programming resources.

Now that the training knowledge is widespread and easily accessible through Internet, this kind of magazine is still useful to provide insight about different environment/tools/techniques. But if you are a beginner, you need to expect digging about the subjects you are interested in on your own.

Anyway thanks to the buzz around the Teensy2 and the PSGroove projet, I got a mention in this first issue. So thanks Open Silicium and keep up the good work!


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