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Macbook pro french keyboard with Ubuntu 9.10

May 7th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

After having installed Ubuntu 9.10 in a virtual machine, I have wasted two days wrestling with the keyboard layout configuration (where is the | ? where are the { and the @ ? Arghh !!!). I was almost on the verge of switching permanently to a Terminal.app ssh session connected to the VM ;) .

So after so much googling and poking in the preferences, here are the bits to remember for the next installation, in french and in english for my international readership. My MBP model is a MacBook Pro 2,2. The VM is VMWare Fusion 3.

English version

Disable the VMWare Fusion remapping: Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse, Disable “Enable key remapping for language”.

In Ubuntu, go to System/Preferences/Keyboard/Layouts:

  • Choose the Generic 105-key (Intl) PC keyboard model (DON’T use Apple/Macbook Pro !!!)
  • Add the layout: France Macintosh layout.
  • Layout Options:
    • Alt/Win key behavior: Control is mapped to Win key
    • Key to choose 3rd level: Left Alt (to enable access to | and ~).

En français

Désactiver le remapping clavier de VmWare Fusion: Préférences/Clavier et Souris, désactiver “Activer le mappage de touche pour les langues”.

Dans Ubuntu, aller dans le menu Système/Préférences/Clavier/Agencements:

  • Modèle du clavier: PC générique 105 touches (Ne pas utiliser Apple/MacbookPro !!!)
  • Ajouter l’agencement: France-Apple Macintosh
  • Options de l’agencement:
    • Comportement des touches Alt/Logo: La touche Ctrl est obtenue avec la touche Logo.
    • Touche sélectionnant le troisième niveau: Alt Gauche (Pour atteindre | et ~).

It looks like the Alt key is now missing, but I don’t need it for the moment.

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  • neiluj

    Salut !

    Merci beaucoup, tu m’as sauvé la vie avec ce tuto ;) !! Ca marche nikel ( ubuntu 10.10 sur MBP )


  • nl

    Worked for me under Ubuntu 11.04. Thanks!

  • Gilles

    Thank you very much for your very good tutorial.
    It works perfectly well on Ubuntu 11.04 with Fusion 3.1.3 on my imac with Apple Alu French keyboard (with numeric keypad).
    Please note that I have to uncheck all key mapping flags in preferences keyboard in Fusion :
    Enable Key Mappings
    Enable Language Specific key mappings

  • charlax

    Merci beaucoup ! Ca marche parfaitement chez moi :

    - VMWare 4
    - Ubuntu 11.04
    - Macbook Pro 7,1

  • Brice

    Ok pour moi aussi

    - VMWare Fusion v4
    - Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, par contre j’ai pu choisir directement le layout French (Macintosh)
    - MBP 7,1 (mi 2010)
    - OSX 10.7

  • Jerome

    Purée, merci pour ce précieux post…

  • Frederik

    Thanks! You saved me a lot of time (was already looking for over an hour). It did the trick for me as well on Parallels + Macbook Pro.

  • kenji

    marche aussi sous debian 6 avec VirtualBox.
    Merci :-)

  • Pierre

    Ca marche nickel sur MBP 2,1 (17′, 7 ans d’age) et Ubuntu 12.10.

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